Our Happiness Lies In Our Candidate’s Successes


We all know that happiness is a state of being happy, a state of contentment and a state of satisfaction.  

Across the globe, happiness is seldom to be found as a result of this pandemic. Most people are frustrated, scared and confused. This same thing with the international candidates where their test dates were cancelled as the lockdown was in place to limit the spread of the Corona virus.  

The good news is all the three test centres in the United Kingdom resumed catering candidates slowly last month, and the operation must have precautionary measures in place to ensure safety of everyone in and out the vicinity.  

It was quite a challenging task to all as adapting to new normal is not fully integrated to the bodily systems. Nevertheless, amid turmoil, some of our candidates bravely travelled to the test centres to valiantly performed all expected nursing clinical skills. 

The feeling of apprehension was high, the nervous system was active, and the overwhelming feeling of safety measures added to the challenges of our international nurses.  

Despite the challenges they faced, our candidates found joy in passing their OSCE for the first time. This moment of truth proved the epitome of Mentor Wise Magnate vision to the candidates. 

Mentor Wise Magnate aims to train to master, train to care. Our company believes that international nurses deserve to be supported as they progresses into their careers, which is why our happiness lies in our candidate’s successes.